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Gbagbo negotiating surrender

Reuters news agency, quoting internal U.N. documents that its correspondent has seen, reports that Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo has surrendered and asked for U.N. protection.

According to CNN – After days of heavy fighting, forces loyal to Ivory Coast’s Laurent Gbagbo laid down their arms today and the self-declared president was negotiating the terms of his surrender, his foreign minister said.

Calm was reported this afternoon in Abidjan, the West African nation’s largest city and the center of the battle between Gbagbo’s military and those loyal to his rival, Alassane Ouattara, who is recognized internationally as the legitimate president.

“We must now do what we can do to have lasting peace…”

 said Alcide Djedje, the foreign minister, who participated in talks at the French ambassador’s residence in Abidjan.

Words cant explain how ecstatic I am right now! Finally a healing and rebuilding process can begin in Cote D’Ivoire!#AfricanDemocracy

For news coverage concerning Laurent Gbagbo’s surrender negoitations see link to CNN video below:


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